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General Information

Nearly all information on this page pertains to snakes found at Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and Mt. Charleston. Very few fatalities due to snake bites have occurred in Clark County.

check mark Out of 18 snakes around Las Vegas only three are venomous
check mark There are no venomous snakes in Mt. Charleston

check mark Most active months for snakes are April and October
check mark Snakes are most active in early morning and at dusk

check mark 20 to 40% of bites from venomous snakes are dry bites (no venom)

check mark Snakes are most active between temperatures of 70 and 90 degrees

check mark Some rattlesnakes don't rattle

check mark The Red Racer (non-venomous) is the most common snake seen around Las Vegas

check mark I have only seen nine rattlesnakes in 17 years!

3 Rattlesnakes in the Las Vegas Area


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Color: Tan with dark blotches
Terrain: Washes and sandy areas
Elevation Range: Up to 4,500 feet Prime
Location: Lake Mead
Bite: Least venomous rattlesnake around Vegas
Best Identifier: Small snake. Light background color overlain by dark blotches.

Color: Salt and Pepper gray, shades of brownish-orange sandy color
Terrain: Rocky. Outcrops and foothills
Elevation Range: Up to 6,500 feet
Prime Location: Red Rock
Bite: Bad. Lots of venom
Best Identifier: Sandy, speckled appearance.

Color: Greenish tint on the flanks. Diamond pattern.
Terrain: Creosote slopes and washes
Elevation Range: Up to 4,500 feet
Prime Location: Lake Mead
Bite: Very serious. Injects neuro-toxic venom.
Best Identifier: Greenish color.

 Other Snakes

Western Diamondback:
: Generally light tan to brown with faded "dusty" diamond pattern. Terrain: Brushy desert, rocky canyons
Elevation Range: Up to 5,000 feet
Prime Location: South of Searchlight, NV
Bite: Highest fatality rate of any snake in North America!
Best Identifier: Size. This is a big snake compared to other rattlesnakes. White and black bands on tail.

Gopher Snake - Not Poisonous:
Color: Cream colored to yellow brown
Terrain: Various
Elevation Range: Up to 8,000 feet
Prime Location: All areas
Bite: Not venomous, but will bite
Best Identifier: Lack of triangular head. No ring on tail. 

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